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Dallas County Iowa Relocation Information

Dallas County, Iowa is Des Moines neighboring county to the west and is one of the fastest growing counties in the USA. It was named for George M. Dallas, Vice President of the United States of America under James K. Polk. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, Dallas County has a total area of 592 mi (1,533 km) including 5 mi (12 km) (0.89%) water with an estimated population in 2008 of 59,930, an increase of 47.0% since 2000.

Dallas County is still primarily an agrarian county with row crop farming being the primary land use. The breaks of the Raccoon River branches and tributaries account for most of the non-level topography in the county and for most of the timberland. A good deal of this scenic land has been subdivided into scenic acreages, especially closer to the Des Moines metro area. Dallas County does have zoning restrictions on the minimum size of acreages when land is subdivided without being platted for development.

Those Dallas County communities closest to Des Moines - Waukee, Van Meter and Grimes - have been the most impacted by suburban development. It is also notable that the Polk County cities of Clive, Grimes, Urbandale and West Des Moines have annexed significant acreage in Dallas County. Western Dallas County remains primarily rural and agricultural. However, the approaching urbanization has had its impact especially on those communities along I-80 and others within easy commuting distance of Des Moines. There are many rural acreages along the county roads and highways even in western and northwestern sections of Dallas County.

Even the more remote city of Perry, formerly the largest in Dallas County and a former coal-mining center, has been impacted.  Considerable revitalization has taken place in order to make Perry a weekend destination for Des Moines metro and other Central Iowa dwellers.

The beautiful Dallas County Courthouse at Adel is a designated National Historic landmark and is currently undergoing restoration.

Two notable events happened in Dallas County. North of Dexter at an abandoned amusement part (Dexfield Park) on the South Raccoon River, a famous shootout took place between the Clyde Barrow Gang (Bonnie & Clyde) and law enforcement officials in July 1934. Buck Barrow, Clyde's brother, and Buck's wife Blanch were captured and Buck later died of his wounds at the Perry hospital.

Also, north of Dexter, the National Plowing contest of 1948 hosted presidential candidate, Harry Truman. President Truman gave a speech at Dexter that is most credited with his defeating Thomas E. Dewey to win his second term as president.

There are 14 incorporated cities, one unicorporated area and no designated population centers (DPC) in Dallas County. Four other municipalities in Polk County also have territory in Dallas County - Clive, Grimes, Urbandale and West Des Moines:

  • Booneville**
  • Bouton
  • Dawson
  • Linden
  • Minburn
  • Woodward

            * -- County Seat

            ** -- Unicororated area

            *** - This Polk County city has annexed land in Dallas County

    There are seven community school districts in Dallas County:

            * Dallas Center-Grimes District has some territory in Polk County
            ** West Central District also has territory in Adair, Madison and Guthrie Counties

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